Dangerous Goods Training

Danger Goods Training

How to protect your company and your people!

Future Force is now registered with CASA to provide Certified Dangerous Goods (air) training
So now, as the preferred training partner of Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA,) we are offering not only a suite of DG training options, but a method for companies to ensure the regulatory compliance of their staff is maintained. We’ll take the worry out of your compliance concerns.

How will we achieve this?
  • By maintaining a register of your staff’s DG certifications and renewal times
  • Notifying staff and management of the upcoming certification requirement months in advance of expiry
  • Automatically booking them on to one of our certified courses prior to any expiry date
  • Accepting bookings for new staff
  • Providing the relevant CASA approved certificate
  • Providing regular status reports to management
  • Provide regular bulletins, updates on any regulatory or compliance issues
Important note regarding expiry dates

One important factor to note is that if a re-certification course is completed up to 3 months prior to the current expiry date, you will not be penalised by way of losing that time. CASA has confirmed with us that the 2 year re-certification period will commence from the date of the previous expiry, not the re-certification course date. So there is no drawback in completing the re-certification course up to 3 months early. This leaves plenty of time to slot staff onto a course.

Don’t forget! DG Qualifications only last 2 years

If it expires before you renew, CASA insists that you complete the initial ‘Acceptance’ course again, instead of the shorter ‘Re-certification’ course.

There are NO EXTENSIONS allowed.

Allow us to ensure you don’t make this time consuming and costly error!

Our courses on offer are as follows:
  • Dangerous Goods Acceptance (Air)
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness (Air)
  • Dangerous Goods Re-certification (Air)
Course Dates/Costs

There is no ‘management’ type fee for allowing us to maintain your DG training. Fees will be individual participant based which includes this management service. In fact, a discount on the standard fee is offered to companies who allow us to provide them with this maintenance service. Ask us about quantity discounts as well! For the first courses, we are offering a low introductory fee structure. This lower fee will be maintained for companies allowing us to manage their ongoing DG scheduling.

We are currently working on
  • IMDG (Dangerous Goods by Sea) Full Acceptance
  • IMDG (Dangerous Goods by Sea) Re-certification with further announcements on release dates in the near future
Course Scheduling

Ordinarily there will be no traditional ‘locked-in’ advanced date scheduling of courses. The scheduling of courses will be fluid, based around our records of when your staff need them to ensure compliance. Yes, these courses are open for anyone to attend, but they will be run on the basis of ensuring compliance and we’ll confirm to you when this is, well in advance.

Dangerous Goods Re-certification (Air)
1 day course


(check with FF office)




(check with FF office)


Dangerous Goods Acceptance (Air)
3 day course


(check with FF office)




(check with FF office)


*(Costs are exclusive of GST)

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